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A private community for ambitious developers with goals. We help each other succeed in job interviews, grow in our careers, and take advantage of opportunities in tech.

The tech world is like a Wild West, where most hurdles are overcome by forging alliances. That’s why achieving your goals as a lone-wolf developer is one of the hardest challenges you will ever face...

Almost all ambitious developers share the same three main goals: passing interviews and getting high-paying job positions, grow in their career, and finding & taking advantage of new opportunities.

The fun part?

1. It is almost impossible to find good websites, blogs, videos, or any other kind of resource that can actually teach you how to successfully achieve these three goals and reach the next career milestone. All they do is give generic and often outdated advice that does very little good.

2. All three goals require specific skills that can take years to master and until you acquire them all, it can seriously hold back your career advancement (aside from technical skills)

To experience this "fun part" for yourself, imagine you are an ambitious person who wants to get a job as a software engineer, and eventually evolve into a senior position. What would you need to do? First, you need to research all options available on the market, then select the companies and positions that best match your goals. Somehow, you need to secure interviews with these specific companies and then you must successfully pass them and negotiate for the most profitable offers. And finally, you need to do that job well and move up to a senior-level position. By constantly selling your ideas to your team and management (to get noticed and open up new opportunities), resolving conflicts with colleagues, dealing with the corporate culture, and much more, year after year.

If it sounds like too much hard work, that’s because yes, it is. But these are just steps.

Now let's look at what you actually need to win at each and every step.

First of all, you need to know which career opportunities can offer you the most benefits in the future. Next, you need to know which industries are the most promising (because you probably don't want to enter a dying or dead-end industry, right?), then you need to know how to "sell yourself" to companies in order to pass job interviews and get high-paying offers. Last but not least, you need to have various technical skills and specific soft skills to succeed at your job and career.

All of this does not even mention the many challenges and details that no one talks about, the ones that are difficult to overcome on your own. Things like how to ask for a raise (spoiler alert, you don't have to ask) or how to negotiate an offer to get 20%-150% more than what developers normally get, how not to leave $10K, $40K, $90K+ on the table or how to enter the field without a CS degree or many others not-too obvious situations.

And there is virtually no one out there to help you with this. What you find are useless resources OR helpful ones that either…

1. Cost a lot of money. A ‘mostly good’ course to develop communication skills, which is essential for career growth, costs $600. A high-end course, on the other hand, can cost as much as $10,000.

2. And/or very hard to find. Sure, there are lots of popular links to video tutorials on portals like Udemy and Coursera yet they do nothing more than telling yourephrased theories from already published books. I should know, I’ve wasted a lot of money on those. When you try searching for useful resources on how to grow into a senior level developer position, or how to develop persuasive skills, you simply end up with cheap and cheerful options that don’t offer any tried-and-tested practical help at all.

As a result of this colossal lack of resource, rarely discussed in developers' circles specific skills you need to acquire for career advancement and one more important factor, which I will discuss later on, I created the Tech Bandits community on May 17, 2021.

Just imagine if someone could tailor their advice to your very specific and exact needs and desires. A mentor who could tell you which career path to take, how to get on this path, what specific skills you need to develop and guide you along the way, from A to B, and tell you what the best course of action is, every step of the way. Wouldn't it be great to have such tailored advice so you don’t need to waste months trying to land a job or years trying to get a new position or promotion?

Now imagine that it's not just one mentor telling you all that, but a whole tribe of 100+ like-minded ambitious heads. Some of them with the same goal as you. Some who have already achieved it and now want to grow further. Everybody shares their experiences, failures, successes, advice, and stories and is willing to help anyone who asks.

If you want to know where to find these ambitious heads, this tribe, then you should know that they are in the Tech Bandits community.

But the truth is that our community is not for everyone...

Let me tell you why we accept only ambitious developers, why we call ourselves the "Tech Bandits" and what the Wild West has to do with all of this.

The Tech World is moving along way too fast and you've probably noticed that yourself. Every year, the tech industry changes a couple of times and introduces new technologies, frameworks, and approaches. New career opportunities arise so fast that they often slip through our grasp. I hate missed opportunities, and I bet you do too. too.

But just imagine for a second that you are always up to date with the latest trends. That you know where the best career opportunities are, and, the best part, know how to take advantage of them.

It's as if you were a bandit in the Wild West who is the first to know which banks hold large sums of money, the first to break into those banks and wipe them clean. As if those huge safes and stuffed bags of money are just there, waiting for you.

But here’s the thing...Have you ever seen or heard of someone robbing big banks alone? Probably not. It's almost impossible without partners in crime. Without other bandits.

To rob a bank on your own, you need to have great communication skills to build connections in the banking industry and be the first to know which banks get large sums; then use these connections to learn the nuances of banks’ security systems and to take advantage of their weaknesses. After that, you need to have great analytical skills to plan everything and awesome technical skills to break in and open their safes. Finally, you need to have the fastest horse around to make off with a large sum of money without getting caught.

Sounds like a lot of work for one person with a high probability of failure, right?

These days, you need just as many skills, connections and other assets to achieve your goals as a developer, if not more. You need to have great networking and analytical skills and an understanding of where the industry is headed to find career opportunities. You also need specific soft skills and various technical skills to take advantage of these opportunities. Just like robbing banks in the Wild West.

But only reading tech blogs and talking to your peers won't help you with all these tasks. Not only are resources lacking but the hard truth is that most of your peers don’t have the ambition and networking skills necessary to know where the best opportunities are to be found.

Most people think they can successfully cruise like a lone-wolf developer, but the truth is that you will easily fall behind, lose your competitive edge, waste years pursuing your goals, and miss out on the many opportunities that await you if you go at it alone.

How do I know this?

Because this is exactly the mistake I made. I was trying to grow and evolve my career alone.

Hi, I'm Nick Bull. Senior Software Engineer with 6+ years' work experience in the tech field. Over the years, I've worked for many companies, from a YCombinator startup to a large corporation working on products for Big 4 Wireless Carriers giants like AT&T. Over the years, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of job interviews and careers in tech.

Almost everything I know I learned through a lot of failures, missed opportunities, and stupid mistakes. If I had a tribe of people like me at the time to have my back, people who shared the same goals and ambitions, people who were on top of the latest trends, and people who grew together in order to succeed, I would have achieved everything three times faster. I also would not have missed out on so many exciting options.

I’ll give you an example, dating back to 2016. This particular year was marked by the rise of ReactJS and the death of Jquery. Developers who eventually started learning ReactJS changed jobs to higher-paying ones within just a couple of months. Another example is the rise of the cryptocurrency industry in 2017 and 2020, where thousands of opportunities were instantly created: from entering the field as a developer to offering different services to crypto startups.

Can you imagine what doors can open to you when you know the nextbig thing?

But without a tribe to keep updated on the latest trends in this fast-paced tech world you can easily miss the next big thing and a ton of other opportunities.

That's why our community is for ambitious developers only. Because they are the ones looking for the best opportunities and they are the only ones who can take advantage of them. This is the third and most important reason why I created the Tech Bandits community – there is no other place where you can find such people, such Tech Bandits, together in one place.


If everything I've said clicks with you, if you think you might just be a Tech Bandit, then I'm ready to tell you our vision:

"We are a community of ambitious, like-minded developers who have big goals and who are fighting together to achieve them."

The key word here is the word together. That's the difference between us and lone-wolf developers, who just do their job and miss out on so many opportunities that pass right by them. That's why we're ahead of the industry, moving faster than everyone else and really achieving our goals, rather than just dreaming about them before going to bed. If you feel that you are one of us: join us, and reunite with your lost tribe.

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What can you find and achieve inside Tech Bandits community

Stop wasting years and grow your career using the experience, advice, stories, feedback, personal library and tips and tricks of other developers who have already walked the path you seek. People who know what specific skills you need to go along this path faster than they ever did.

Find guidance, support, and help through the entire job interview process: from writing a resume to acing interviews, negotiating job offers and landing your dream job.

Grow your professional network and connect with other Tech Bandits from different companies around the world. Open new opportunities that are hidden for lone-wolf developers.

One last question for you...

Are you ready to become a Tech Bandit, join your tribe and unlock new opportunities today?

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Question: What is Tech Bandits?

It's a private community for ambitious, like-minded developers who have big goals and who are fighting together to achieve them.

Question: How it works?

After you sign up and pay, we will automatically create you an account on Circle (platform where we host our community) and we will sent an email with the login link to enter the community.

Question: What can it do to me?

You can learn how to ace software engineer job interviews and get guidance along the way, grow your career as a developer by taking advantage of the advice and experience of other developers, find new career & life opportunities, and grow your professional network.

Question: Who isn't it for?

This is a private and professional community for ambitious developers that have one trait in common - the desire to achieve something in life. If you don't think that you are that kind of person I don't suggest join our community.

Question: If I'm new to the tech field and only want to get my first job, should I join?

Only if you're ambitious. One of the main areas of our community is to help ambitious developers to ace interviews.

Question: If I want to grow my career, should I join?

Sure, but only if you are an ambitious developer. One of the main areas of our community is helping ambitious developers grow their careers.

Question: What's your refund policy?

No refunds. Full stop. The reason is that the community has accumulated a huge amount of knowledge that we don't want to give away "for free" if someone decides to join and asks for a refund the next day. If the community doesn't suit you, you can always cancel your subscription. That's easy.

Question: How do I cancel?

Shoot out me an email at and I will cancel your subscription.

I have some other question

No problem, shoot out me an email at and we will figure it out.